We provide the most reliable and efficient security services and solutions. We have well trained security personnel who have clear knowledge about emergency situations and very friendly with security duties. Our supervisory team includes ex-serviceman to perform a perfect security audit.
In order to provide efficient service to the clients, we regularly provide refresher training to our security staffs to keep them abreast of the latest advancements in the global and domestic security .we colter to diverse customary needs of clients. These services are
• Manned Guarding
• Industrial Security
• Bank security
• Event Security
• Retail Security
• Security of High Rise Bu’Iclings.
• Hotel Security
• Security of Commercial Establishments
• Institutional Security
• I Dog Squad
• Consultancy & Investigation.. J Facility Management.
• Private Security Officer with arms (Revolver).
• Private Security Officer wilhoul arms {Bouncers}.