Manned Guarding

Physical Guarding (deployment of unarmed and uniformed security guards) is our most frequently offered security service across client types and locations. Our security guards are carefully recruited after thorough background and police verification and are rigorously trained in their duties before being deployed at a customer site.
Professionally trained men and women security guards perform a range of security services that are tailored to the customer’s business and needs, and these include:

  • Protect the client’s assets and property from unauthorised access, vandalism or theft
  • Monitor entrances and exits; acts to prevent unapproved or unlawful entry; movement of people and vehicles, and parking.
  • Patrol the premises regularly to check for irregularities and to inspect protection devices and fire control equipment
  • Perform front office duties such as visitor entry, maintaining registers and other documentation as required by the customer
  • Respond to incidents of fire, medical emergency, bomb threat, flooding, water discharge, elevator emergency, and other incidents.