Top Management


Managing Director: Sidharth Routray, MBA, CFA

Before moving into the corporate sector and later went on to become an entrepreneur, M.D. Sidharth Routray trained in the Indian Army With a focus on employee development, he founded The Payik Sentinels Pvt. Ltd. in 2002. Sidharth specializes in leadership and mentoring.

Director: Dr. Anita Misra

Since the inception of Payiks Sentinel Pvt. Ltd from 2005, Dr. Anita Misra credits her entry into the business with an entrepreneurial spirit to her husband, M.D. Mr. Sidharth Routray. She thrives to add human value and build a community for growing together within all the business ventures.
Founding and directing Nature Natural, the fusion of business and medicine, was a logical step for Dr. Anita Misra after understanding the need to provide necessary services and products which are natural and organic validating the principles of Ayurveda.
Currently, she is engaged with her Master’s degree from MUM, Fairfield, Iowa USA, and promoting organic products and Ayurvedic formulations under the brand name Holy Earth to the market in India and the USA.

Chief Executive Officer: Rashmi Kanta Ray

Rashmi served in the Indian Navy and took premature retirement in 1994 before moving on to becoming an entrepreneur. He joined The Payik, in 2005 with a focus on management and supervision over the business.
Rashmi’s hands-on experience in sales and marketing, administration, business development, team building, and revenue growth is instrumental in formulating as well as executing a basic security framework.
Rashmi is responsible for the group’s business operations. He has been tasked with the critical role to build and sustain the administrative position of The Payik in the industry.